Writing for email marketing

Sending emails to someone inbox requires getting permission from the person if the persons subscribe to your emails. You then have to build a sizable email list. There are so many ways of achieving this;

  • By giving freebies
  • Offer a newsletter
  • Product update

Getting whitelisted is the same as being marked as a friend. To be added to one’s recipient’s address book, provide instructions to do so at the top of each email. To avoid being marked as spam, introduce yourself and give detailed information about what you plan doing with your subscribers’ email. Your initial follow-up email should be sent immediately after subscription to your newsletter.

What’s the content of your email?

Each sent email should provide valuable insights, updates, and new content. It should contain

  • An introduction
  • A personal message
  • And a friendly update.

Make use of your newsletter to build a relationship with the reader or customer. Use your newsletter as a way to further your relationship with the reader/customer rather than to pitch sales to them. Only pitch to them if you have a new update or offer.

Make use of Autoresponder

An autoresponder saves you the hassle of forgetting to talk or responding to your emails only when you have an item to sell. On specific days, Schedule your autoresponder sequence. This will help you know when you can afford to send an email. If the number of persons who unsubscribe from your email is higher than those who opt-in, then you should examine why people are leaving and rework the issue. It might be the way you send announcement, or because of a marketing message. In this case you need to work on your messaging tactics so that it is in concord with what you are sending.

Try to practice Segmentation

This involves splitting your email into different group e.g.

  • Customer List
  • Daily Email list
  • HTML list

When you segment your list this way, you can send emails to more targeted audience. Most persons want to receive updates on both your product and sales. Others might want to hear about new offers. Always give your subscribers the chance to select; if not there is a possibility of losing them all together. The best buyers are your subscribers; it’s evident why you will want to keep them subscribed to your email list.

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