Study room ideas for 2016


A study room should be one of the peaceful rooms within a home. It is a place where you can study and perform various activities such as computer tasks, office works, relaxations, homework, etc.

Bookshelves, table lamps, comfortable furniture, and tranquil paint colours; this is just some of the things you will need in order to create a perfect room for studying. Different people recommend different ideas to design a study room.

All of us want a study room that can give us some peace of mind. It should be an area in a house where you can also focus reading books and somehow escape temporarily from stress. Generally, studying eradicates stress, so having a quiet room is a must.

It can be challenging when it comes to choosing the appropriate design in a certain room so you need to know what you want and what you need in your study room. In that way, it will be easier for you to come up with a decision.

In this article, I am going to show you some useful tips and ideas to help you achieve the perfect study room that suits your own sense of style:



Several studies have shown that colours really do affect our moods. But can colours also make you smarter? There are actually a lot of colours that can help you stay focused so we are just going to share what we think is best.

  • Orange

Bright colours make us happy and refresh our mind. Thus it helps us think of positive things that can motivate us to study even harder.

  • Green

Green is the colour of nature. Imagine you are in a forest with green trees and plants, sounds relaxing right? This is the very reason why the colour green is a great colour to paint your study room.

  • Blue

Imagine enjoying a hot summer on a nice beach: the sky above and the sea below, both coloured blue, contributes to our feeling of calm and relaxation. These feelings help us be a lot more focused in our work and studies.


LED bulb and simple light bulbs.Green background

The key to achieving good focus and concentration is good lighting. Imagine trying to read a book under a dim light. It is very uncomfortable, now is it? It will not only hurt your eyes, it will also hurt your head and you will lose your focus on the topic you are studying because you will be concentrating on reading the text in front of you.



When choosing furniture for a study room, the design and fanciness count only for so little. You must always go for comfort. So when you are choosing between beautifully designed wooden furniture and soft, plush chairs, always go for the one you feel most comfortable with. Having the ultimate comfort will go a long way in terms of increasing your focus and endurance in studying.



It is best to choose a quiet and peaceful room away from the bustle of your family members. Many homeowners find that the best place to build their study room is in their loft. After all, it is a pretty isolated part of your home and is typically the farthest from the noise. Try to convert your loft with Clapham lofts as they offer many options for a study room.

When studying, one must always strive to achieve the conditions that are most preferable because focus and concentration are of paramount importance to the task.

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