How a room can affect the mood and thoughts of an individual

wa1We as individuals have our own distinct personalities.

But what we call “personalities” are nothing more but a set of different moods roiling inside our body and mind. You may call a person “kind” but that is just a person who has a pleasant mood at the moment. And you may judge a person as being “rude” or “unpleasant” but again, it may be that that person is only in a horribly bad mood.

Yes, our moods are one of the many things that drive us. It is one of the most defining aspects for us humans. And it is very powerful. It can affect our attitude and outlook towards many things. It can affect our behaviour towards our work, our peers, and at life itself.

You got to admit, it is just very difficult to greet someone with a smile if you are currently in a bad mood right? And it is also too hard to feel bad about someone else’s problem if you are in a jolly mood. Our fluctuating moods define us as a person. It is simply a fact of life.

Now, as humans, we want some measure of control over our emotions and moods. It’s what defines an educated person. There are many things you could do to lighten your mood like relaxing or talking with some close friends.

But did you know that your mood can be effectively brightened up with something as simple as a room or loft?

Yes, a properly decorated loft can do wonders in improving your sour mood. The colours you use in decorating your room or loft will greatly affect your mood. Each colour corresponds with certain effects:

wa2– Green

Colouring your room green can help your mind relax and therefore soothes those sour moods we sometimes have. It symbolises tranquillity and calmness. This is because the colour green is the most relaxing colour to the eye. It is a soft colour that often relates to nature.

– Yellow

When we think of the colour yellow, we imagine a lovely sunshine and happiness and joy. Painting your room yellow can help you feel somewhat happier and reduces your temper. It also has an energising effect to the observer that’s why it is a commonly used colour for kitchens and bathrooms.

– Red

This is a very invigorating colour. The colour of fire, of romance, of love. It is a very intense colour. The colour red often stirs up excitement, liveliness, and vitality. It’s no wonder that the colour red is most often used in restaurants and night bars because this colour helps draw people draw closer and at the same time exudes confidence in individuals.

– Blue

Ahhhh, blue. The colour of the sea. The colour of the sky. This colour is so calming and relaxing that it is said to help with blood pressure, respiration, and heart rate. This is why the colour blue is most often used in bedrooms, it can help us sleep better.

So if you are thinking of repainting your room or converting your loft, it is best to think carefully about the colour you’re going to be using because it not only decorates the area, it also alters our mood.

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