Copywriting Tips

In order to attract visitors to your sit, you need to learn copywriting tips. If your Words are generic or scarce, you will not have frequent visits. Here are some Tips on copywriting;

  1. Use active Voice

When you use an active voice, the sentence structure is easier to understand. This shows that the action has been carried out instead of being acted upon. Active voice sentences often begin with a verb.

  1. Set a word count

Browse different websites and blogs on the content, and be ruthless with your words. You can copy different contents from the websites and paste on a series of word documents. Check the word counts of the different copied web pages and what they accomplished. Edit your word count to correspond accordingly with the copied web page.

  1. Write important details

Important details that describe who, when, how and where are important for copywriting

  1. Powerful headlines

Your headlines should be able to entice your visitors. You should use Google keywords often.

  1. Spacing and paragraph

Make use of space and paragraph breaks to make your writing visually appealing and easy to read.

  1. Make use of bullet points and be concise

Online readers do not read word for word. Therefore, make your work scan able by making use of bullet points. Format your texts making use of bold, italics, and underline. Include images, videos, and captions. Make use of short sentences and your contents should be precise as possible.

  1. Simple words

Make use of common everyday language to engage with a wide audience. Simple words are understood by everyone and much nicer.

  1. Start with story telling

Tell a story mostly at the introduction to become memorable. It makes the idea stick, mostly in a business copy.

  1. Punctuations

Punctuations make statements stand out and be more impactful. Make use of punctuation to make your copy readable. Don’t be dramatic by making use of and exclamation ten.

  1. Chose trending Topics

Create relevant contents on topics and issues affecting your target audience. Content marketing is important for your blog or site growth.

  1. Conduct loads of research

To have a distinctive copy write, a lot of research should be carried out on the topic. You should know everything about your intended audience, your product, service, and your competition.

  1. Rephrase your copy by using Opposites

So many persons write contents on daily basis. This makes it impossible to retain attention. Instead of writing contents similar to theirs, make use of this copywriting technique of using opposites. This means rephrasing the information.

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