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6 Ideas for a perfect study room 2017

A study room is where you can do office works, read books or just spend time in a quiet and peaceful place away with the busy life and screaming kids if you have one. Well, it’s pretty hard… Read More

Study room ideas for 2016

A study room should be one of the peaceful rooms within a home. It is a place where you can study and perform various activities such as computer tasks, office works, relaxations, homework, etc. Bookshelves, table lamps, comfortable… Read More

How a room can affect the mood and thoughts of an individual

We as individuals have our own distinct personalities. But what we call “personalities” are nothing more but a set of different moods roiling inside our body and mind. You may call a person “kind” but that is just… Read More

UK and Education

Education is now emerging as a recognised global industry, estimated to be worth almost £3trillion annually and worth £17.5billion to the UK economy. This is perhaps not surprising, as improving learning outcomes is now fundamental to nearly every… Read More