6 Ideas for a perfect study room 2017


A study room is where you can do office works, read books or just spend time in a quiet and peaceful place away with the busy life and screaming kids if you have one. Well, it’s pretty hard to have your own private room like a study room, if you have small kids living with you.

The key to having a peaceful and quiet study room is the location. Lofts and basements are usually the choices many homeowners since it is located away from the noises in the house.

Some homeowners prefer DIY loft conversion to save money while others hire someone to save time and costly mistakes. Professionals like Loft conversion in fulham can help you with all the details you need in creating a perfect study room.

It can be challenging when it comes to choosing the appropriate design and decorations for a study room so here we are to help you decide on what to choose based on your own sense of style and preference.

  1. Long wall bookshelf


If you have a limited space, you definitely need to make use of the wall by placing a long shelving unit for your papers and books. In that way, you will not only save space but you can also add details on your wall by having it customised.

  1. Custom furniture

f3One perfect way to have a unique study room is to have custom furniture. It is always a good idea to spice up everything in the room with the things and objects that you want and need.

  1. Carpets or rugs


If you are going for a plain painted study room, colourful rugs and carpets are a sure way to add colours in the room and make it look more fun and relaxed.

  1. Light and plain paint


Too many details and colours in a study room can make you distracted and makes it hard for you to focus. Plain white paint can make you more relaxed. Blue colour is also a good choice since it makes you calm while doing loads of work.

When it comes to paint colours, you should go for something that you like and one that can also help you achieve a peaceful and calm looking study room.

  1. Posters


A study room is where you do your work and read your favourite books. In this place, posters that will make you more inspired and motivated is much needed to help you look on the brighter side when you are stressed from work or school.

  1. Good lighting


Among other things like decorations and furniture, good lighting is a must in a study room. Imagine reading or working a dimmed lightroom, it will definitely make you sleepy and uncomfortable right?

And also, having poor lighting can hurt your eyes and cause headaches making you more distracted and unfocused. To avoid any of these unfortunate circumstances, you should invest in a good lighting to make your work easier.

Building or creating something out of nothing is quite a difficult task to accomplish. The only way to do it is to know what you need and what you want. We hope this article can help you have the perfect study room. 

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